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Welcome to Case-Barlow Farm

Welcome to Case-Barlow Farm's very own Web site. Our farm is located in the city of Hudson, Ohio, of the United States.


Case-Barlow Farm, Inc. is an independent non-profit corporation formed to restore the Case-Barlow homestead and to foster for future generations an appreciation of the spirit and heritage of its builders. Volunteers are welcome to help fulfill the mission and program at the farm. Learn more about us and our mission through the About Us link at the left.

Case-Barlow Farm may be rented by individuals or groups. Distant learning equipment, tours, and educational programming are available. For more information, see our Contact Us page.

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Imagine traveling from Granby, Connecticut to Hudson, Ohio with your pregnant wife and 5 children Henry, Lucien, Chauncey, Lora, and Cleo. A milk cow walked behind a covered wagon. After 6 weeks, the family arrived on July 4, 1814 and settled into a log cabin that had already been constructed […]

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